Tax tips to keep small business owners in the black.


Get ready to stay in the black with simple tax tips for small business owners! On this podcast, Solve 2 Evolve shares expert advice and accounting insights to help you save money and grow your business.

In just five easy-to-follow episodes, the Solve Accounting team covers the most important tax and financial topics, including business structures, cryptocurrency tax management, and tax-efficient investing.

Listen in as they share their own experiences starting a business, and discover that accountants can do much more than just taxes! With practical tips and real-world examples, this podcast will change your mind about the role of accountants and the value they bring to businesses and high-net-worth individuals.


Watch all the stellar tax tips from Season 1 in the playlist below:


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Check the episodes below: 

Episode 1: Meet the Solvers

Meet Phil Khao, Chris Bloxham and Jono Wilkes, three ambitious and passionate accountants who form Solve Accounting. 

Episode 2: The value of advisors

Accountants are much more than tax advisors. Discover the different specialty areas and knowledge of the Solve Accounting team and the value advisors bring to businesses and individuals.

Episode 3: Frequently Asked Questions 

In this special episode, the team tackle their most frequently asked questions.

Here, you learn about:

  • different business structures
  • how to transition from a partnership to a company
  • why cash flow is king when growing and scaling your business

Small disclaimer that this episode is a tad longer than the others, but we promise it is worth the listen. 

Episode 4: Investing & top tax tips

Nobody likes the taxman. In this episode, the Solvers share their tips on:

  • tax efficient investing
  • understanding Australia’s cryptocurrency tax regulations
  • keeping your business out of the red

Episode 5: Pesky problems & more tax tips

Interpreting tax law is like performing rocket science. Difficult.

The Solvers share their knowledge on how high-net worth individuals and businesses can overcome the most common tax problems.


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