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We provide cryptocurrency bookkeeping, tax reporting and ongoing support to investors, traders and businesses in the crypto industry.

Crypto tax management can be more than simply a once-off year-end tax report. We offer ongoing tax support to traders and investors with complex crypto transactions. We love DeFi, NFTs, staking, mining and the evolving crypto landscape. 

We understand the practicalities of crypto investment and want to help.

Protect your crypto investment

Have you ever come to tax return time and worked out you made a massive $AUD gain that is tied up in your crypto investments? Or have you synced your APIs and .csv files into crypto tax software only to end up with a ridiculously high taxable gain?

We have seen countless clients who have no idea of their potential tax liability on crypto-to-crypto trades, DeFi, NFTs, staking etc. and have not planned ahead for tax liabilities. What most investors get wrong is thinking that crypto is only taxed when converted back into fiat money ($AUD). 

The tax office has long held the view that the legacy “capital gains tax” rules apply to all crypto trades, so it would be hard to argue with them if your taxes were ever reviewed.

Massive $AUD gains on crypto-to-crypto swaps

Software trackers showing wildly incorrect gains/losses

Potential capital gains tax bill with no cash to fund it

How we can help with your crypto portfolio

Accurate & up-to-date Reporting

Defensible Tax Position taken on your portfolio

Tax Planning & Strategies

On-going Maintenance

We ensure your crypto tax reporting is up to date and accurate, to ensure you have the data at hand to make smart decisions.

This includes undertaking a tax analysis of the transactions you are entering into and taking a position that would be defensible if ever reviewed by the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”).

We then provide tax planning analysis and strategies to reduce and manage your crypto tax liabilities.

Once you are on track, we can enter a maintenance phase depending on your needs.

Cryptocurrency tax advice tailored for you

Increase your after-tax returns

We'll minimise the tax paid on your crypto portfolio for higher profitability

Monitor all tax liabilities

We'll notify you in the early stages to ensure you can fund the liability or employ strategies to reduce taxes before ending up with a massive ATO bill

Crypto Industry Knowledge

We'll navigate you through the crypto industry with practical advice and solutions

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Solve’s Crypto Tax Specialist, Jonathon (‘Jono’) Wilkes, is a Chartered Accountant with 12+ years’ experience including Big 4 tax consulting, who helps clients navigate the complexities of crypto tax and both manage & reduce tax. Jono invests personally (time and money) into understanding the crypto industry. 

To explore an ongoing crypto tax management solution, book a free 30-minute Discovery call with Jono or email for more information.

Exceptional, fast, knowledgable, especially with crypto. Jonathon has the ability to understand complex crypto matters across the space such as swaps, airdrops, DeFi staking & not just the tax treatment for compliance but the ability to enter the data correctly into Koinly to make all the relevant adjustments to legally maximise returns, minimise tax. Many accountants entering the "Crypto arena" for clients only drop API's/CSV's into Koinly, then you are on your own. Jonathon has the skill & knowledge to get everything in order. He is in the top echelon in Australia presently for "crypto savvy" accountants IMO

— Mark Edwards ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Review

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