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How much does a SMSF cost to setup?

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NOTE: The law changed as from 1 July, 2021 allowing a SMSF to have up to 6 members. Please discuss directly with Chris Bloxham if you wish to add members 5 & 6 to your fund or establish a 5 or 6 member fund.

Whether you're new or have an existing SMSF, here's how we can help


Your current advisors and structures may be outdated and inappropriate in today’s age.

Your accountant may also be overcharging for ongoing annual compliance of your SMSF, call us for a second opinion.


Solve offers fixed fee for service advice in relation to how to set up a low cost SMSF and why and when it may / may not be appropriate.

For trustees looking to buy and hold and dividend reinvest in top 20 ASX listed shares or VAS, Solve also offers low, fixed price SMSF setup and ongoing compliance management service packages in accordance with the below fee schedule:

1. Initial information and decision meeting (no obligation to proceed)


+ GST one-off fee (fully tax-deductible)

If you wish to proceed

2. SMSF setup 


+ GST one-off fee (fully tax-deductible)


3. Ongoing annual compliance


including GST p.a. (fully tax-deductible)

*¹ If required.
*² Additional costs are incurred where a corporate trustee is used. Subject to specific negotiations with Solve.
*³ Add $300 + GST for years in which an actuarial certificate is required. Complex investments inside your SMSF will increase annual compliance fees e.g leveraged property purchases, foreign investments, artwork, crypto assets etc. Subject to specific negotiations with Solve.

Warning: Solve is intentionally not AFS licensed and is not holding itself out to be. We operate wholly within the rules outlined in ASIC Information Sheet INFO 216 which can be found here. Specifically, our advice both on this website and also in consultation with anyone individually is limited to establishing, operating, structuring, valuing, exiting or winding up an SMSF for the sole purpose of, and only to the extent reasonably necessary for, ensuring compliance with the superannuation laws. We may provide statements of opinion or recommendations on how you might choose to distribute your available funds across different categories of investments. However, we will never advise anyone to make particular investments through their SMSF or to enter the SMSF system at all. Our information is provided to inform, not persuade, and you should seek an opinion from an AFS licensed entity to decide if an SMSF is right for you.

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