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We solve client’s pain points by providing valuable and commercial tax and accounting services. We consider it our job to help people see and understand how they are winning and, over time, how to operate in a more tax-efficient way.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on long term financial stewardship and trusted advice. By focussing first on your accounting and tax compliance, we effectively open a window into your financial life. From here, we can understand your starting position and agree a target vision for your family group’s balance sheet. We then create and grow value by working towards that goal over time.

We are the preferred accountants for all Snap-on Tools franchises in Australia. We have years of experience in Snap-on franchising business and systems, which allows us to service our client base of franchisees in the most tax-efficient manner. Let us worry about your cash flow management and tax obligations while you run your business.

Your personal situation and goals are completely unique and so your accounting, tax guidance should be too. We take the time to listen and understand what matters most before working with you to develop and manage your long-term strategy. We are completely independent and will advise you with your best interests in mind at all times.

When you choose Solve Accounting, you choose Trust and Professionality. We’ll work closely with you to provide in-depth, customised solutions for you.

Our commitment to pro-actively seek opportunities to enhance your net worth is what sets us apart. With us taking care of your tax and accounting needs, you can increase your ROI while reducing your cash cycles.

For all family groups and business sizes

  • Tax Returns
  • Tax-efficient investment advice
  • Tax planning and structuring
  • Tax consolidations

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The Solve Accounting Team

Meet the Team

We are a team of independent, professional advisors who operate in a lean and flexible structure to deliver solutions to our clients.

Chris Bloxham

Registered Tax Agent

Chris has been working in the accounting profession since 2005. Having established Solve in 2010, Chris has successfully grown the business over time but his approach for each client has not changed. His approach to investment, and also to his clients, could best be described as one of long-term stewardship.


Philip Khao

Virtual CFO

Philip brings a wealth of experience in virtual CFO services, business operations, management, and general accounting and tax services. Having worked with global businesses across various industries, he has the experience to assist smaller businesses to achieve their goals in an effective manner.

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Jonathon Wilkes

Registered Tax Agent

Jonathon specialises in providing commercial and tax-efficient advice and compliance and has experience servicing some of the wealthiest individuals, families and household-name brands in Australia. Jonathon aims to understand the big picture, simplify accounting and taxes to take clients on a journey to tax efficiency.


Marc Casal

Senior Advisor

Marc is an expert in financial modelling and analysis and has successfully executed several billion dollars in Mergers & Acquisition transactions. Marc co-founded Solve in 2010, and his diversified skill set has enabled the business to provide valuation, financial modelling, transaction execution, and cash flow forecasting in addition to accounting and tax services

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Accounting & Tax

We cover the whole spectrum of accounting, tax property management, investment, valuation and advisory services for families and businesses of all sizes.

Virtual CFO

Our virtual CFO will help you unleash the full potential to scale up your business to new heights. We can help resolve any financial challenges faced by your business.

Tax Advisory & Consulting

We are your trusted partner offering solutions such as accounting, taxation, SMSF, and business advisory services that can grow your business to its highest financial potential.

Franchise Accounting

Whether you are just starting your Franchise or you are already up and running, we can help you with tax and cashflow planning, improving profits, and managing risks.

Self-Managed Super Funds

It takes specialist knowledge to know how to handle the money. At Solve Accounting, you can choose the right self-managed super fund accountants for you.

Corporate Financial Services

Our goal is to offer you effective business insights and strategic plans so that you stay ahead of your competition. We stay updated to provide you with specialised corporate finance services that add more value to your business.

How a Sydney tax accountant team can help you

When you choose to work with a tax accountant in Sydney, you can effectively save time and money while getting expert Accountants and Bookkeepers to help you with your tax returns, planning, and structuring. With our collective years of experience, we can ensure that your business complies with the set regulations while also increasing your ROI. Because we are passionate Accountants, we will always go above and beyond to give you the best. You can count on us to help you grow your business.