The “lazy tax” paid by apathetic ozzies who leave their superannuation dollars in retail fund accounts was again highlighted this week by 3 separate highly publicised matters.

Firstly, the class action filed against QSuper in the Federal Court by Shine lawyers on behalf of 140,000 of its own members who had been deceived into paying higher life insurance premiums by their own trustee. The next egregious deceit perpetrated on the poor old QSuper members, most of whom are teachers and health care workers in Queensland, is the fallout from the franking credit stripping scheme.

The ATO may be imposing a record penalty on QSuper in relation to this malfeasance by the people running QSuper – however its the members who will be footing the bill for any interest or penalties ultimately imposed – & from the sounds of it, there’s gunna be heaps! What a lot of retail members do not know or understand is that much of the supposed “performance” of big superfunds is delivered by franking credit arbitrage & has absolutely nothing to do with achieving superior returns. People inside retail super are all too aware of this rouse – yet another deceit to add to the long & growing list.

And if these first 2 humdingers weren’t impressive enough…

Perhaps most on the nose is the various applications to sundry courts around the country to allow retail superfunds to amend their constituent deeds allowing the funds to charge unsuspecting members a new class of fees to build “TFCR” buffers. Trustee Financial Contingency Reserves are essentially legalised theft from current members to protect degenerate fund managers inside the superfund against the worst of their own proclivities – the minister for superannuation, Jane Hume, said it best:

“Let’s not kid ourselves as to what this really is; taking member’s money out of their retirement savings to set up a pool of funds – owned by the trustee – to ensure they can pay for penalties due to their own misconduct”: nestegg, 23.11.21.

The entire retail super industry exists on inertia & apathy. These 2 ingredients when mixed together with a healthy sprinkling of deceit create the ideal conditions for unbridled immorality.

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