One thing many of my small business clients know and accept is they realise that there are better ways and methods to accomplish their day-to-day and yet believe it is “too difficult” or “too much effort” to change (as we are creatures of habit, and it is a basic human instinct to be resistant to change).

As a general example from years as a business adviser, a statement I hear all too often is: “I’m so busy” (more on this topic under the “Automation and Artificial Intelligence” section below). There’s nothing inherently wrong about that statement, as I’ve seen it time and time again across every industry and business type: you could be a tradie, a director in a start-up, or even run a local “mum and dad” small business – that feeling of being constantly on the go. 

If you find yourself always on the phone or in meetings, busy coordinating with staff, suppliers, contractors, and then attempting to balance your personal life in-between, the notion of being “too busy” to think of anything more can be daunting. Finding yourself a good business adviser (such as a Virtual CFO or accountant) can provide you with the expert knowledge and experience to simplify the complex and take you in the right direction for change.

The Modern Accountant as an “Agent of Change” – Not Just Taxes and Numbers  

The distinction between a business advisor and a typical accountant has become increasingly blurred over the last three decades, with over 82% of accountants reporting in the last year that their clients demanded a “broader” service offering, including business and technology implementation guidance. This transformation has only been intensified in the current climate of remote working. 

The Accountant as a Business Strategist and Tech Guru

To solve these new and complex problems in an ever-changing world, there is an expectation for accounting firms to promote new and more efficient ways of working (which incorporates technology and change) – both internally and with their clients. As such, many “accounting” firms (from your local practices such as Solve Accounting to your mid-tier and big 4 accounting firms) have supplemented their traditional audit, tax, compliance and financial reporting service offerings with business advisory, technology, and management consulting. To do this, modern accountants are trained to move quickly and efficiently, with a firm grounding in technology, business acumen, and data analysis.

Businesses of all sizes are increasingly expecting their accountants to play a more active role in change management and cash flow forecasting months into the future. This enables businesses to address day-to-day difficulties while keeping an eye on what the post-COVID world will look like and the help they will require to recover and to succeed.

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Philip Khao is a Chartered Accountant (CA), Virtual CFO professional and Director at Solve Accounting with many years of accounting and business services experience at global accounting firms and multinational corporations.