“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.”Jim Rohn

I strongly disagree with this statement. Specifically, I would counter that the ordinary can produce the extraordinary over time where sound reason is structured into a person’s financial life and bad calls are avoided with discipline. A healthy dose of perspective is also a key trait of successful but “ordinary” people.

There is no reason for the bulk majority of humans to seek anything other than a “normal” life. Particularly those of us fortunate enough to have won the genetic lottery of being born in a developed country with a functioning, legitimate system of public governance. Innovators can’t help themselves – its literally impossible for a true innovator to achieve anything other than superstardom (to the rest of us). To them, Microsoft or Apple or Google or Tesla is normal & usual & the logical, inevitable destination. It is also very interesting that many of the globally significant innovators tend to end up in the United States – as did Terrance Tao. Most of humanity will never be these people, and that’s ok. (a) they are all flawed & human despite their perceived achievement and (b), its not our place in our respective individual family chains to shine that bright – but we can still make our individual links as strong as possible for our split second of consciousness while we’re all passing through by being mindful and responsible custodians.

In direct contrast to the Rohn statement above, Ben Graham has said, “To achieve a satisfactory result is easier than most people realise; & to outperform is harder than it looks.” The Graham statement needs to be understood in context. It alludes to the reality that, no matter how well you go in any field of endeavour, there will always be someone outperforming you & its pointless to chase them. Instead of continually wishing for the grass in somebody else’s paddock, Graham is suggesting that we should each focus on the green patches on our own side of the fence. We should celebrate and nurture them. That attitude represents contentment, which is true success.

Wherever you are, give thanks to whoever your God is for every breath you’re allowed to take. & Whatever you are, be a good one.