In the ever-changing world of this digital age, many sole traders and small & medium businesses (SMBs) can feel overwhelmed or left behind by the sheer amount of choice across the many types of apps, software, and systems available.

Although the thought of getting up to speed may be daunting for some, this feeling can be readily overcome by understanding the possibilities, opportunities, and positive impacts that investment technological innovation and integration can bring to your business. Taking advantage of these opportunities makes it is possible to set your business apart from the competition with the introduction and acceptance of these new and “innovative” ways of working.

All business owners – regardless of size and industry – can benefit from better use of their time by reviewing what manual procedures can either be improved or eliminated altogether with the implementation of new systems and processes.

Just imagine, all these common pain points found across all types of business (which generally involves a lot of double handling or redundancy) can be addressed, such as:

  1. onboarding new clients and customers,
  2. reducing general administrative tasks and automating repetitive tasks.
  3. automating financial systems,
  4. automating financial reporting,
  5. streamlining everyday operations,
  6. systemising compliance,
  7. using a CRM
  8. using Bots
  9. using IOT to review data and make decisions
  10. using Virtual C suites services

How many of the above 10 pain points do you have within your growing business? Now, you don’t merely have to “imagine” this future – as it’s all already being done today. Make an effort to speak to your trusted advisor and ask them how they can help with systemising you out of your business.

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Philip Khao is a Chartered Accountant (CA), Virtual CFO professional and Director at Solve Accounting with many years of accounting and business services experience at global accounting firms and multinational corporations.